a rak from Linda K

It has been quite a while since I've personally sent out any "random acts of kindness". A "rak" is usually a card or a postcard, or sometime a small gift. A number of years ago, it was quite the typical thing for me to do -send out a bunch of raks randomly, for no other reason than it would be nice for the recipient. ; ^ ) Well, today I received an incredible rak! It's purpose was to congratulate us on our new home so it was not totally random, but it was so unexpected and so touching that I'm definitely considering it a rak!

Linda Kunsman, who has participated in many of my creative swaps, sent me the most incredible card featuring photos she had copied of me and my husband and our two dogs!! Plus she made the cutest little house that I can hang up in my studio or anywhere. See below-click for more details! I must admit Linda has made houses for me before . . . but notice that this one says, "Home at last".

Isn't this the greatest?? Made by Linda K. for me & Steven.

I love Linda's stamp for "card art" with her initials. 

Linda has a knack for taking present-day photos and combining them with scrapbook paper, paint, words and collage. When Steven & I got married, she created an extra piece (for us) through one of my swaps that used photos in much the same way; you can see it here. This is still one of my all-time favorite pieces of art that anyone has made for me. Thank you ever so much, Linda!