Rose/Cream ATCs

Above is a super close-up of the rose/cream ATC I made for Frieda Oxenham, one of my fellow "colour groupies" ; ^ ). Each month, 4 of us exchange ATCs on a color combination. For September our combo was Rose and Cream. I find myself using these monthly color combo challenges to stretch my creativity. I have been working with all of the participants for quite some time now and feel very comfortable. I think some of my ATCs are actually quite odd (see for yourself!) but I like that I can really stretch myself to do whatever my brain comes up with and my fellow CG always appreciate it. Thank you!!!
made for Frieda
These ATCs are a bit different being a marriage of fabric and a photo printed out on a transparency, with paint layered on top of the transparency. But I especially like them because the photos I printed out onto a clear transparency are photos Frieda took of the roses in her garden, in Scotland. This made the making of them extra special for me.
made for Caryl Hoobler
made for Debby Harriettha
- and one for me!
I keep a large binder with each month's colors on a separate page.
This is my 3rd year participating and 3rd very fat binder!

This is just to show how I made them, click for more detail. You may be able to see the netting I added. I sewed the transparency to a piece of fabric, then cut the ATCs out.

Thanks for looking and commenting!