skinny page for Lisa Busch

I belong to a group of artist friends (the 'oh my gothic' group) who are finishing a year and a half of creating "skinny" 4"x8" pages for each other on a theme. My own theme that participants have been creating on for me is 'love'. I have received so many beautiful interpretations of this theme it is hard to describe -I will show you sometime! It is going to be wonderful to put all of the pages together in one skinny (fat) book!
Here is a close-up peek at what I just created for Lisa . . .

This month it was my turn to create a page for Lisa Busch in Texas. Lisa required no parthicular theme. She said she would prefer that each artist express herself and she liked Frieda's idea to have the art go either vertically or horizontally. She noted she did favor cemetery images, saints, gothic anything, gargoyles, medieval, Renaissance images, angels, the Madonna/child, and contrasts between the dark and the light . . . .

As soon as I read cemetery images, there was a spark of inspiration. The little home my husband and I just bought, in fact borders an old Florida cemetery. There is a tall fence between our property and the cemetery, but it is just a quick walk down the street. So off i went with my camera.

Here is what I came up with for Lisa's skinny page. I printed my photos onto various papers . . . watercolor paper, vellum, antiqued parchment cardstock and plain white cardstock. I used water soluble oil pastels, and my sewing machine to attach a piece of vellum to another piece of paper and added a bit of rubber stamping with StazOn permanent ink. Fortunately, I know where a good portion of my rubber stamps, ink pads and water color papers are!! (we just moved about a month ago).

Lisa will be binding her pages on the 4" side, so this page is designed to flip :: with the bottom of one side being the top of the other. I hope you enjoy; it sure felt good to make/create this art.