studio progress

I'm still moving rather slowly as far as unpacking and moving into my studio goes . . . but I have begun. I have hung up a few pieces of artwork and found homes for some supplies, but progress is slow. Chasing away any negative comments (my own!!) and telling myself that the way things are is really okay is the order of the day. This studio will happen, when it happens! It is very unlike me to be creating as little art as I am right now, but again I am telling myself it is okay. It's not like I have "lost my muse". I always feel strange when people say this because I never feel that way, even now. For me, it is more of a physical thing that my supplies are for the most part still in boxes and and I am not "set up" to create like I used to be. I am slow to unpack but I have eeeeked out a few things none-the-less . . . 10 ATCs - Zentangle ones in fact! (a new art form for me). I have done a bit of mail art on envelopes and also sent out one big technique swap. Recently, I organized another large art swap complete with a 22 page lesson, all about mail art. I have also been taking lots of photographs and just yesterday I carved out space on the studio counter and created a 4"x8" skinny page for an exchange I am in. So I know I am really doing okay, even though I am not exactly where I want to be!!!!

One day I'll have photos of an organized studio for you, but for now . . .

we have boxes, piles of stuff and sleeping dogs!

I am finding places to store things.

I do a LOT of art related stuff right here.

The dogs don't seem to care!!

I am imaging it will be a lovely studio when I get settled in and for now I am just making it work! I will happily share the skinny page I made for Lisa Busch in a separate post. Thank goodness for those deadlines and art commitments I have!