art friends

I had a visit yesterday from a friend who lives in my old home state of Connecticut, wow! Patte Leathe and her husband Peter had come to the Tampa area to attend her niece's wedding. Patte follows my blog and had written me a number of weeks ago to let me know she would be in Florida in November! She wanted to try and see me if everything worked out - it did!! Here's Patte and I (and Asia) in my studio yesterday afternoon.

Patte and I met in the early 1990's through Judy Radke and her Farmington, CT store, Impressive Impressions - Art Rubber Stamps ;  ^  ) Patte reminisced yesterday about a favorite apron she stamped in a class taught by me. I took calligraphy classes with Patte over the years and we always had a good converstaion when she came into the store. Patte and I had a real connection, and still do, even though we are not in contact a lot. The minute I saw her yesterday with her warm smile and gentle ways it was just like no time had gone by. She agrees with me!

Patte and Peter were just here for the afternoon and for supper, but they loved the idea of going to De Soto park. So we did! And look who was there to greet us, a beautiful heron....

After that, Peter and Patte took Steven and I out for a scrumptious dinner at Ezra's, one of our favorite restaurants. We spent a lot of time laughing at our many connections;  Peter and Steven have a good friend in common, unknown to them before this meeting. The list of coincidences kept getting bigger and bigger soon this became a running joke. We all had a great time! 

One really remarkable thing: Yesterday Patte showed me an envelope she brought with her that I had made from a "practice" piece of calligraphy she did to show students techniques during a class from perhaps 1995? She was teaching and I was trying to learn! I liked the movement and style of these big letters she did for us on a big sheet of paper that was destined for the trash and asked her if I could have it, she said yes! Some years later, I sent her a card after taking another class of hers, inside an envelope I made out of this same "practice" calligraphy paper I had saved. Patte let me scan it yesterday (I did not have a scanner in 1999) and I would love to share it with you. Now you can really see why I am hosting a mail art swap!

Even though I have moved about 5 times since I mailed this to Patte, I still have some of the rubber stamps I used! The cancellation one by Leavenworth Jackson that says "mail some art today & feel better" is in fact right out on my table : ) What an amazing thing she still has this envelope & card and brought it to show me. I just discovered Patte has a blog, and you can visit it here. She is a member of the Wesleyan Potter's Co-op in the metal smithing and jewelry department and a really wonderful person. I hope she and her husband come back and visit Steven and I again soon!