GPP: What's your Hang-UP?

Michelle Ward has wonderful monthly creativity crusades on her Green Pepper Press Street Team blog. I am just starting to partake of them and love them! Moving house kept me away from participating last month, but this month I can participate at least once. ; ^ ) The November crusade is: What's your Hang-up?  Michelle gave us the challenge to frame and hang our own artwork in our home and also said, "If you already have your own art adorning your walls then show us!  Let's motivate each other this month to express ourselves as the artists we are by hanging our cool stuff on our walls."

I have started to put a few things up on the walls of my studio -both my own artwork as well as the work of others, but most of our artwork we usually have up on the walls has not come out of the packing boxes yet. Except for this one, which is very special to my husband and I and is always one of the first pieces of art we hang, no matter where we live! 

This is a collaborative painting Steven and I did together (taking turns) in 2006. The story and progression photos are here on my website -look for ColorPLaY (the title of the painting) a couple of paragraphs down the page. We hung this painting in our Kitchen this time, in our new home in Bradenton, Florida. 

Colorplay is about 30" x 24", not including the frame. Steven & I had a really great time collaborating on this painting and I love having such a huge piece (for me!) that I did with my husband up on the walls. In fact, I insisted that we hang the painting in our new kitchen so I could see it a lot. I also am more of a mixed media collage artist and I enjoy that Steven and I did a painting together! 

Thank you Michelle, as always for the creative crusade!
; ^  ) lenna