halloween 2010

we did have fun, and I am not into Halloween . . .
This is NOT my favorite holiday.
I almost hesitate to show you Steven's costume for the Halloween party we went to . . .  but let me say this: Do not be alarmed. This is a fake knife! Steven made it himself completely out of wood and paint, but it looks very real! Our friends Bean & Chandler invited us to their Halloween party and Steven wanted to create this wild costume for the party . . . First, we stopped at my mom & dad's!

Of course this is not a real knife -- Steven made it entirely out of wood!
My mom said, oooh, so disgusting! 

my dad is sizing up this costume of Steven's!! 

my dad took some photos for us : ^ )

such a sweet couple!! Steven introduced me as just a friend, the "Chef's wife" - ha!
The "point" being, he has a Chef's knife (of course not really) stuck in his chest!

driving to the party - can you imagine????! It is made of all wood!

our hostess Bean & me, the mysterious Chef's wife

happy halloween! Yes, I really own all that jewelry & more.
xo lenna 
I am adding this photo below so you can see how Steven managed his costume. At first I had trouble looking at it, he made it look so real. Then I got (kind of) used to it. The blade and handle are made of wood and mounted on wood. The blade is painted with metallic silver paint and I think he epoxied it first to make it very smooth. The handle he shaped himself and used one of my metallic markers for the dots.

He attached stretchable bungee cords to hold it to his chest and then slipped it through a T-shirt he cut to accommodate the "knife". And he says he's not an artist!! Even the painted "blood" drips on his T-Shirt have an artistic flair  ; ^ )