lesson 2: composing with color

Here are two compositions I came up with for Lesson 2, when working with Mary Green's instructions in the class I am taking with her, Collage Basics With Vintage Paper. Mary took us through the lesson step-by-step with a pdf file. She created a wall hanging and photographed the process so we could see how she arrived at her final composition and what decisions she made along the way. Then Mary prompted us to create a background for a special piece with color in mind. In both of my compositions I ended up using a single background paper and not a mix of papers as Mary did, but that is what I thought looked best! I started with a special main image, added a few accents and my focus when creating was to use color.

click for more detail
Above is the first piece I did for lesson 2. I had found the postcard of the woman on a site Mary had shared with us, Antique Images. I love vintage postcards like this one and choose that one to work with as my special piece. I printed out various backgrounds with a lot more color thinking they would be great, but none of them looked right. I ended up going back to this black and white background paper that Mary had created for her Your Vintage GlueBook class. That looked good to me! For an accent, I liked the image of a letter from Europe to America, especially because the postage stamps were pink, which went with my main image. The letter was an image Mary provided in the Collage Basics class. On a whim, I crumbled up the letter and flattened it out again before gluing it down to make it look a little older. The rubber stamp (write a letter) was out on my table . . . I just could not resist adding it, even though it is not vintage at all! (It is from catsLife Press). The patterned paper was then affixed to a larger size of white watercolor paper. Voila'!

The next piece is quite bright for a vintage study, but I like it. The main photo may not be very vintage at all, either! Unfortunately, I don't remember where I got it from . . .  I have it saved on my computer with no reference. It is captivating though, isn't it?

I took the image, which I love, and tried positioning it on handmade background paper created by one of my classmates in the Your Vintage GlueBook class, Linda aka sakameg. I ended up turning the photo on an angle so I could get more of the cherry blossoms in the design framing her. Once I decided where I wanted the image in relation to the background, I stuck the photo to the background with a dab of glue stick and started cutting the background around the photo in an angled way. I decided it would look cool if I cut slits in the cherry blossom background to slip the photo corners into, so that's what I did. I used some strips of the background paper (from trimming) as an accent in two of the corners, and then added a label Mary provided in the Collage Basics course to tie the colors together. lastly I added a thin gold line around the entire frame with a metallic marker and I was done! As always, it is a pleasure to be given challenges by Mary Green -images too  : )