lesson 3 patterns

This was fun to do, although it did take me a while to figure out my placement, or I should say, composition. I just kept moving things around and looking at them, taking things (papers) away, re-arranging until I felt my eye move comfortably around the space. This collage is for lesson 3 of the online class I am taking, Collage Basics With Vintage Paper. Our instructor Mary Green had us working with patterns this time. Even though I used vintage paper patterns mostly provided by Mary, I especially wanted to use the small photo of my youngest son Dallas and me, taken fairly recently (not a vintage photo). I love his expression and reaction to my kiss! This photo plus a collection of patterns: text, music, and 3 of Mary's background papers is what I started with.

This is Dallas' 3rd year of living in Italy. He works as the Librarian of the International School of Trieste! The photo of me kissing him was taken when he came home and visited us during the summer of 2009. I usually get to see him twice a year now and it is always a great time. So, when I started looking for accents & compliments to my patterns, I thought of postage stamps. But not just any postage stamp would do for this piece though, I had to find some Italian ones, which I did, in an old Stamp Collectors book of mine! 

This led me to thinking about another photo I knew I had of Dallas, standing in front of some buildings and a canal complete with a gondolier. The dictionary page I had already picked out to used featured the word reflective and Dallas does look very reflective in this photo, so I decided I must use it. I wanted it to be muted and not overstate the photo of the two of us, so I printed it out on vellum and cut the photo in half, separating Dallas from the canal he was standing in front of. I played around with the background papers until they pleased my eye, adding strips and a corner -all patterns, until it felt balanced. The butterfly had been chosen early on as I liked the bright colors and the fact that it represents how Dallas has flown. He is 26 years old now, and when he last came to visit us this past August, he announced that he and Liz would be getting married, in October 2011. We are so happy for them!!