local art meet

When I went to my local art supply store here in Bradenton, Florida on October 2nd for a Zentangle ATC swap, I met Susan Stewart. The group was small, so it was easy to talk and I discovered that Susan was just learning about Zentangle like me . . . and she was an art quilter -wow! We exchanged emails, and after a small  delay because Susan's first email went into my junk folder . . . we made a date to meet, have lunch and share some art, oh what fun!

Susan had explored my websites + blogs and told me in an email she loved the "shades of white" quiltie swap I hosted in 2008. So, I found them in one of my boxes, unpacked them and brought them along -Susan was so pleased!

Susan brought her more of her Zentangle ATCs to show me. She had tried adding color to these and was quite pleased. They look great! Click for more detail. 
Susan brought some of her art quilts to share :  ))))


I shared an ARTchix fabric Book RR I hosted in 2004-2005.
This fabric book  includes a page done by Helga Stauss, owner of ARTchix Studio! Susan had been to the ARTchix website and was excited to see this book and learn more about RR collaborations. 

Lastly, I shared all extra quilties given to me plus some I had traded by participating myself, in the "shades of sunshine" quilties swap, hosted in 2008.

It was a really fun couple of hours and a delicious lunch, plus now I have a new local friend  :   ^ ) Thanks, Susan!