lots of mail art!

The stack of envelopes above, are handmade envelopes for my Mail ART swap hosted on my creative swaps blog. I started making these a couple of weeks ago because of my intention to send home all swapped mail art  in an envelope I had created or decorated myself. Did I mention we have 56 participants registered for this swap? : ^ ) It is a good thing I love mail art! So far, 137 pieces of beautiful decorated mail have landed in my mailbox from near & far - and we still have one week left to go!! Participants from half of all 50 US states, plus Norway, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, France, Germany and Canada are sending the most varied mail art to me everyday! See it all here on the creative swaps blog. It is really amazing! To make sure I am ready, I created more envelopes last night . . . mostly rubber stamped.

I still have another 15 or so to make . . . . 
perhaps some magazine envelopes?
or maybe some fabric ones?

This is keeping me busy! What have you been up to?