a walk in the park

We love walking at De Soto national park -or, I should really say, De Soto National Memorial (which is part of the National Park service). It is only a few minutes from our home in NW Bradenton, Florida! Recently, the weather has cooled down from it's usual range here in Florida of 70 to 90 degrees F (21 to 32 C) to the present 4:00 pm temp of 61 F/ 16 C!! It has also been very windy here and that makes for a delightful walk in the park! I must share these photos from yesterday with you-then we are off for yet another walk in the park and a visit with my mom & dad : ^ ) Please visit this website: The National Parks: America's Best idea. Steven and I just started watching this series by Ken Burns and it is excellent.

click for larger photos -enjoy the sky!

this moss is still one of my favorite things to look at!
The first time Steven has worn jeans since April -it has been too hot! 

happy day to you, lenna