Today's 'blip' for me - 12/11/2010
I am really enjoying this new site my friend Frieda turned me onto, thanks again!! I would say there are many people uploading photos there that are more knowledgeable and more talented photographers than me, but they don't seem to mind! I've been very welcomed there and the people there seem genuinely friendly.

The idea is you may upload only one photo per day. A lot of people use this photo to blog about whatever they feel like -the photo, what's going on in their lives, a poem. It has a very different feeling than lets say, this blogspot blog I am writing on right now.

Would you like to check it out?
The main page is Blipfoto -The daily photo journal for everyone. You can learn more there and also browse through the tons of outstanding photos that come in daily. Click on any thumbnail in the grid to go to that photo journal. Find photos by Frieda Oxenham here. Frieda has truly amazing shots of the huge amounts of snow she has been experiencing in Scotland. They are absolutely beautiful photos. Click on any highlighted day on the calendar in a journal to see the blip of that day for that author. My new blip photo journal is here. Go there to read the story of the rose petals above . . . I only have 4 blips so far and have just started my blipfolio, a small attached portfolio. I think you may enjoy this though, have fun! It will be a good break for you if you are busy-busy with holiday preps. This year we are being as simple as can be, so don't be surprised if you see me continuing to post art stuff throughout the coming days. I wish you many blessings and time to spend with the ones you love.
Take care of yourself!! xo lenna