sketchbook project 2011: a few more . . .

There are just a few more weeks to go and I only have a few more spreads to go in my sketchbook for the Art House co-op project. From the Art House Co-op: Your book must be postmarked by January 15, 2011. No exceptions. Fortunately, I only have 3 more spreads to do in my sketchbook so I know this will not be a problem. To learn more about the Sketchbook Project 2011 TOUR: click here. It's really something - 28,833 artists have registered to participate. I plan to try and go to Winter Park, Florida this coming July for the tour stop! Here is my latest spread dedicated to my mom, who just celebrated her birthday December 10.

a close-up of part of one page
another close-up 
The entire spread
The page spread started with an old calendar as a base. this calendar actually hung in our kitchen in 1969 . . .  It is amazing I still have it especially with how often I have moved. I added a red watercolor crayon, photos of my mom printed as transparencies, rose petals from the bouquet I gave her for her birthday, pigment powder and a bit of zentangle inspired doodling! The see the entire progression of this spread and additional sketchbook pages I have done, visit this set of photos.

I will be back with more pages to finish this project, and soon! What I've enjoyed most about doing this work is that it got me to create fairly regularly in an artist's journal, something I had never done before. People have asked me all along if I will have difficulty in sending this sketchbook off . . . no, I will not. I may miss it a little, but I created in it with the idea I was going to send it away to be a part of this big project. That was the goal and I like creating just to create, not to keep. And the fact that I know I will pick up a new journal and continue working this way is very exciting to me. : ^ ) lenna