yummy holidays for you & yours!

Sand Tarts I made for my dad ; ^ ) 
My Nonie (his mom) always made them this time of year.
My mom made them a lot too! 

The other day, my dad was describing these cookies and our holiday traditions to his British friends. Like a sugar cookie but very thin and crispy, sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, rolled out in confectioners sugar, with a slivered almond plopped in the middle . . . a Pennsylvania Dutch recipe (where Nonie, his mom was from). My mom had given me the recipe a long time ago but I had only made them once or twice myself. My Nonie & my mom always made them!! When my dad mentioned these cookies the other day . . . well! I knew what I could make him for Christmas! 
It was not even as hard as I thought to roll them out and all. 

So, I think he will be surprised as I don't think he even knows I have the recipe! Since we are not doing much or really exchanging any presents, this is perfect I think. It is very quiet for us this Christmas, but then we can concentrate on making a nice meal (lasagna! garlic bread! salad!) and Steven and I will bring it over. Steven made a squash pie today too! It smells yummy. We are doing the cooking as my mom is still getting over the effects of a whopper of an infection from a bad tooth (it was a rough one) and my dad has had to deal with the side effects of chemotherapy, not always the greatest stuff to deal with. His next step, experimental treatments. I'm glad he is trying something different.

I want to stop and say thank you for visiting my art & life blog, for all your kind comments, for your friendship. For taking a moment to care! 
You are the best readers, lurkers & commenter's alike! 
Safe, happy & healthy holidays to you & yours.
xo lenna