another little quilt swap

* Water (on my mind) - A Journal Quilt for an exchange * 

Kate North

is hosting a Journal Quilt swap called,

Another Little Quilt Swap 5.

I signed up for this exchange because it was a small Journal Quilt size swap and all types of quilts were welcomed. I am not a traditional or even contemporary quilter, but I love making small arty mixed media quilts or quilties. I have hosted lots of quiltie swaps and even have a tutorial on my teaching site on how to make quilties -

check it out here!

My journal quilt is an exploration of the colour blue and the theme of water. As I said, I am not a quilter but more of a mixed media artist who loves fabric! My idea for this challenge/exchange was to work with shades of blue and the feeling that water brings to mind. I gathered various leftover pieces of cotton, some I had painted myself on the banks of a river, on the left side of the piece - and a portion of an old silk shirt that looked like water on the right side.

gathering fabrics

I ripped and snipped pieces of fabric to fit the 8 1/2" X 11" size, first pinned them and then stitched them together using various machine stitches to a piece of batting. Here is a photo diary of my process.

getting started

 - making sure it fit the required size -

One of my main stitches was a large wavy one that I used across the piece.

Click on any photo for more details.

first stitches 

adding fabrics

To embellish the journal quilt I added a line of mini mosaics in blue and 2 pieces of blue sea glass, attached to the fabric with extra strong glue. I also hand sewed on iridescent sequins and tiny seed beads. To finish my journal quilt I sewed a piece of watery light blue fabric to the back by stitching around the edges of the quilt.

hand stitching details

The finished journal quilt - 8-1/2" x 11"

A scan for details . . . click to see more.

It was a lot of fun, thank you Kate!

Kate is in process of posting all the photos of the Journal quilts 


. After January 31st, we will email her with a list of our 10 favorite quilts and she will match us up with

a partner

to mail to and receive from. : )

This is a great way to run a swap - i love it! 

I was challenged and it was fun to work on a quiltie again.