Green Paper Collage Club

Here is what I did with the second set of prompts and images my friend Mary Green gave us during the month of January as part of the Green Paper Collage Club! This club is a lot of fun and has just enough for me to do, but not too much. Images, ideas, prompts and exercises come right into your email inbox on the first and third Sundays of the month. I did this spread below, which focuses on the use of faces, in my small moleskine notebook that I started in Mary's Vintage Gluebook class.

The image of the woman which was provided in the Collage Club email, was printed on to semi-transparent vellum paper. I laid this image of the woman on top of a piece of ledger paper I printed out that Mary also provided. If you look closely (click for detail) you'll see some numbers and words like 'bread' and 'eggs' on her skin! I never really thought so much about the effects and impact faces can have in a collage until I did this lesson. I love how the woman really seems to be gazing off towards the snowy cabin. The black trim around the snowy scene is a French Border German Scrap border I found at Collage Stuff. Great stuff!!

You can join GPCC at anytime and for just one month at a time if you like! I find it well worth the nominal fee. There is a button in the side bar to take you there, or use the ink at the top of this post. Now I am off to share my work in the flickr group and see what else has been uploaded since I have been there last. It is always an inspiring group!! (thanks, Mary-love this idea!)