a hat in Florida?

Why yes! Sometimes it is cold enough and often it is windy enough to want a hat, especially on a walk that goes along the water. I have always crocheted a little bit and a few years ago found a pattern for a hat that I could manage.  Sometimes I just want to be doing something, especially something creative, when sitting in front of the fire at my parents (yes, in Florida!) or waiting in the Dr's office, or sitting in the passenger's seat on the way to the airport . . . it feels good to be working on something.

Here is my latest hat!

The ruffled edge I made up.
I had done a number of plain edged ones and was happy my idea worked!
I did the same stitch, but all in one chain about 5 times and repeated so it bunched up.

fun stuff!
You know we are getting wimpy here - 40 feels really cold!!!
stay warm wherever you are!