A bird in the hand . . .

A bird in the hand . . . is worth 2 in the Japanese clover?

This is my entry for Mary Green's February Collage Challenge on her blog, Green Paper. Click on the link above to see the original collage items that Mary provided for us to use. All you have to do is use at least part of all 3 images. It is a really fun challenge! 

This is my first time ever, answering a challenge with a completely digital image. wow! I would have never dreamed I would have done this a year ago. But with the increase of photos I've been taking because of blipfoto, I also started to take a real interest in Photoshop and have been trying to learn. I have an older version of elements, but it certainly still works. I've figured out a lot on my own, and also benefited from taking a free mini course with Kim Klassen -well worth my time. I've learned a lot and I definitely know that I was able to do what I did for this challenge because of that mini course! 

I did not start out planning to do a digital piece for the challenge. But last night before going to bed I was thinking about what I was going to do - time was running out. I wanted the Lespedeza Striata or Japanese Clover to be intermingled with the people in the old photograph. I was thinking about cutting the plant out. That would mean lots and lots of teeny, tiny cuts . . . when a light bulb went off. "I bet I can do that in photoshop!". I could not remember what to do to get the look I wanted because of my inexperience, but all it took was a review of one of Kim's videos. The free course has ended, but for a very small fee we could continue to have access to her videos. What a great help that is! Even still, when I look at this piece of digital art I cannot believe I created it myself! It seems unfathomable for someone who really knows very little about Photoshop.

So, something new with something old! 
I hope Mary and her followers like it, I'm quite proud of it!

I have done some more art -real paper and glue type stuff, that I will share with you soon. Take care!