Grandmother's attic

close up, originally uploaded by creativelenna.

This is a close-up of part of a skinny page (4" x8") I made for Karen Owen on her theme of Grandmother's attic! Isn't that a great theme? Karen told me she loved old jewelry and the fresh water pearls above were part of an old, broken necklace of mine. Perfect! I started by gathering things I thought might work . . . no bright colors, no nudes, a big 'yes' to vintage photos and letters - these are some of the things Karen suggested and here is how I started below...

I started side one like this with gesso painted over various papers

I added an image from Lisa's Altered Art (thanks, Frieda!)
and buttons - a gift from swap participant
Margriet van Schaik (thank you!!)
. . . and lace! Click for details.

Here is how the other side is coming along -
I've added an old family photo (Steven's Aunts)

close-up again!

It is finished!

more details

It's done! 

I really enjoyed making this skinny page for our exchange (Oh My Gothic) and hope Karen enjoys it too! I will be sending it off to her tomorrow -so sorry for the delay, Karen. (This was a January project, eep!)
Sending you all creative wishes and hope you are managing the weather, wherever you are.   xoxo