no snow here

* Steve & the pups at DeSoto *
Fortunately, no snow here on the Gulf coast of Florida -that is sand above! I've been hearing a lot about a ton of snow this winter falling everywhere and feel fortunate to not have to shovel it myself this year. One of my friends in Connecticut said to me, "You got out of town just in time!". It has been cold here at times, in fact cold enough to have a roaring fire in my parent's fireplace many evenings! But again, I feel fortunate because I'm here in Florida with them, the cold we feel is relative (windy 40's) and interspersed with sunny warmth! 

One thing we continue to do no matter what, is walk at DeSoto National Memorial. The photo above of my husband Steve and the pups was taken there. It is the same photo I used for my 50th "blip" at Blipfoto: a daily photo journal. When I first found out about the Blipfoto site from my dear friend Frieda Oxenham, I thought - what a cool idea! It appealed to me because you don't have to upload a photo everyday. I ended up enjoying blipfoto so much that since starting on December 4th, I've now published 44 entries in a row with a grand total of 52 photo journal entries! My blipfoto journal is here and I also have a portfolio with some of my favorite photos I've taken on my blipfolio.

Doing this project has increased my photo taking quite a lot and I already took a lot of photos! I found and my husband noticed too, that I am looking at things through the camera differently. I've learned a bit more about Photoshop Elements, something I never thought I would have much interest in before. Blipfoto has tutorials, Photoshop itself has 'Help' files and I took a free mini-course from Kim Klassen, which was really quite helpful. So besides running a swap, walking at DeSoto, visiting with my parents, making sample Altered Book pages and writing lessons for a new online course, and going to the gym, I've been taking a lot of photos! 

You meet a lot of different and interesting people from all over the world on blipfoto, as any member can leave comments for another member. I had a good laugh this morning when I read this comment from Australia on the above photo of Steve & the pups, "Very nice. I think you should have put a bandana on your husband as well."  hee hee!! I told Steven and he agreed!! He said he would match my dad then, who has been sporting a bandanna since one of his chemotherapy treatments led to some of his hair falling out. My mom came up with this idea and dad embraced it. I think it's rather spiffy for a 77-year old grandpa!

This was about a month ago when dad was working on finishing a set of bookshelves for Deckin & Tina. The 2  bookshelves are now finished and will soon be shipped off to my son and his partner in the Boston area. We will have more photos on that project later, as Steven helped dad with it and learned a lot in the process. Dad is doing okay -he has his up days and down days, with chemo and the effects of that, but is definitely hanging in there and fighting. Moving here was the absolutely best thing we could have done for everyone. We are so glad we are here! 

* I hope all is well in your world *