valentine book!

Well, I did it! I made a small valentine book for Steven, that is : ^ )
I was scrambling to find the time to make this and I finished at the last minute, just in the nick of time . . .  but I am so glad I did. Steven loved the little book! Tim's video was all I needed to figure it out, see my previous post.

This is the first time I ever made this book -a mini one he calls it the "W" book. So, being my first time it is not that polished and the back cover should have been folded in the other direction. If I had paid more attention the whole book would show the red side of the paper (the back cover only shows the tan side). But, oh well! Steven did not seem to mind : ) This little book is 3" x 3" and made from one single piece of 12" x 12" paper. Here are a bunch of photos for you!

I made an "envelope" out of pretty paper that was
gifted to me : )

click on any photo for more detail

found text -an idea from my Altered book lessons I'll soon be teaching!!

3 of the pages are pockets!

This is a printed business card by MOO printing
you can see the back of it below left - address etc is below that
Link at the bottom of this post, great cards! 

Tissue tape from Tim Holtz


Love Potion #9?

made with love :  )
I really enjoyed making this and will make another one sometime! Did anyone else watch the video and make a mini book? I'd love to hear about it and/or see a link to your book - please leave a comment! 

Steven and I went out for a lovely dinner after visiting the ArtCenter Manatee and I wrote more about it on my daily photo journal. I found out have published 58 entries in a row, with my last gap being the 18th of December 2010, and 66 entries total since December 4th, 2010. The likelihood of me publishing an image tomorrow is 90.2% - and . . . I mention 'love' 232% more than the average Blipfoto journal. : )))  "all you need is love . . . (everybody)  all you need is love . . . all you need is lo-ove, all you really need is love!"
 xo lenna 

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