Vintage French

My dear friend Frieda hosts lots of wonderful ATC swaps on the forum site ATCs for ALL. In fact, if you follow that link -look on the left side of the home page. Frieda made the Artist Spotlight, a well deserved honor! On ATCs for All, she is currently hosting a Vintage French ATC swap with lovely returns so far. I finally got mine made and in the mail last Saturday, so hopefully the winds will be will us and Frieda will have them in her hands soon. This is a 3 for 3 swap, but I made 4 so Frieda could choose one as a Hostess gift : )

I cut out words from Frieda's swap instructions
and used images from a 1960 French magazine.

The magazine was called Mon Ouvrage, which I had to translate and discovered it meant My Book. The second part of the title is: Modernisons les pieces anciennes. I never took French, so again, I had to use Google Translate to let me know what that meant -Modernizing the old parts! I can't read the magazine, but it's about sewing things for the home, embroidery and also clothes.

For this ATC I did a gel medium transfer of the flower design -
practicing for my lessons in 4 Artists 4 Ways!

The little black Eiffel Towers and the black French Border
German Scrap trim are from Collage Stuff, yum!

Frieda does love Vintage everything!!
I hope she enjoys these ATCs.

On a personal note, I have lots of things I'd like to share but not quite enough time! I am trying to sneak in here and share things as I can. My main focus right now is getting ready for our new online book arts course: Artful pages - 4 Artists 4 ways. It will open with the first lesson on Sunday, Feb 20th!! We are very excited about it (there are 4 of us teaching) and can't wait to see you there. My week of teaching is March 6 -12th, but I will definitely be in the classroom, participating all 4 weeks. And remember, if right now is not a good time for you, please know that this is also an ongoing class -join anytime : )

I am managing to post one photo a day to my online photo journal, so please stop by there. Another thing Frieda got me into that I just love! ~ Thank you : ) 

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that this new world is born.  -- Anais Nin