Double Sonic Boom today . . .

Even though we live in the same small house, my husband and I send email to each other! Just another way of keeping in touch for two computer geeks. He used to fix computer servers and I use them hand in hand with my art making and teaching. Here is the subject of the email he just sent me: Double Sonic Boom today at about 11:50 (Space Shuttle coming in for landing). The text of the message was this: Honest. Followed by a link to a Bradenton Herald article on-line.

You can bet I will be outside at 11:45am, not looking straight up, but looking down 30-45 degrees!

update 12 noon: I definitely HEARD this but I did not see it. The space shuttle was going waaaay too fast. It would have been unusual if I had seen it. Fun to try though!