dreams for Caryl

The Oh My Gothic yahoo group, which started out exchanging Gothic arches, is now creating 4x8 skinny pages! I have created a skinny page with a dream theme for my February partner, Caryl Hoobler.

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The front of Caryl's skinny is a fabric-paper collage technique that I learned from my good friend Frieda Oxenham. Frieda has graciously put the details of her method down for us step by step in a past blog post. Last year, I created a huge piece of fabric paper based on her technique. Fortunately part of it was just right for this current project. I still have even more leftover! You can see the whole piece and how I made it here

I love that stamp above - from catslife Press and I thought it was perfect for Caryl's DREAM theme.

I wanted some soft, see-through, wispy, dreamy fabric for this skinny and found the sheer lavender fabric in my stash. I frayed the edges to make it more dream-like. The white fabric near the bottom has some computer code printed on it and it appealed to me for this theme. It made me think of REM sleep for some reason. Maybe I should not work so late on the computer right before bed! The woman under the sheer fabric, which lifts up, is a Vintage image I had saved on my computer. She is looking rather dreamily into the distance while lying on a hammock with pillows behind her and roses scattered on her lap. Perfect! I chose a subtle wavy batik to go behind everything on this side. There is a piece of lightweight cardboard in the middle. I literally ran it through my xyron machine and stuck the fabric to it, on both sides. I used tacky glue to attach both the lavender fabric and a few shakes of stardust glitter down the side . . . stardust is good for dreaming. This skinny page is a couple days late, but I think Caryl will understand. I feel so good to have stretched my creative muscles and gotten this done. 
sweet dreams!