mini art quilt book workshop

A fabric page from lesson 1
I have a workshop called the Mini Art Quilt Book that can be found with my other self-paced workshops on my educational site. At the end of February, my new student Terri contacted me and told me she was interested in taking the workshop. She registered through PayPal, I sent her the materials -a supply list and 5 PDF files . . . and va-va-voom! Terri was off and creating! She has added her fabric pages and front cover to 2 separate posts on her blog and they are gorgeous. If you visit this post you'll find a link to the other one -both filled with wonderful fabric art.

I am sharing this here because Terri's work is really fabulous and I think you will love visiting her blog. Plus, she says the nicest things -like I helped to draw out her creative muse. Wow, that is just the sweetest thing! Thank you ever so much, Terri!