my exchange with jewels!

Back in November, yup - 4 months ago, Julie Oman (Jewels) and I exchanged some vintage postcard images via email . . . I think we were both in one of Mary Green's classes then. I tracked down our messages to see just how this exchange started! Jewels wrote to me: "Lenna – I think it is a lovely idea to do an exchange with 'Whistle While You Work' (though I have no idea how she would get ANY sewing done with that dang bird on her hand LOL). No hurry which is fine with me – maybe something to start 2011 just right?"
We each pledged to create something with the image above and then trade with each other! I sent my package off to Jewels last Friday and she received it on Monday. I received her wonderful package today!! For the gift I made for her I took the image above that she had sent me - and copied it onto fabric:

I had found some embroidered cloth napkins at the Thrift shop . . . . 

I sewed the image on to one and then sewed some more! 
{Click on any image for more detail}

I spritzed on color and even embroidered a bit . . . 
To spritz color on I used watered down acrylic paint in a spray bottle. The paint & water separate when it sits, so I simply shook it up, made sure the nozzle was not blocked and practiced first! I covered my images with a piece of scrap paper and sprayed the background of the napkin quite lightly, adding more as needed. I used 2 colors -pink and light brown. I wanted the pink to resonate with our chosen image and the light brown to tone it down and age it. Then I added more images and made Jewels a pillow!

the front
the back
To make sure the cloth napkins would fit around the pillow form, I used a wide open-weave piece of trim from my stash. I sewed it directly to the edges of the cloth napkins so the orange trim on  them would still be visible. I think it actually added a lot to the look of the pillow, even though it was not a planned element.

small details
Now can you believe that when Jewels received it, she wrote me & told me that she laughed when she opened my package because . . .  she has the same napkins (and a tablecloth) to match -amazing! And I thought I was being so clever!!! Now today I was honored with Jewels' first piece of mail art ever. I would not have guessed this if she did not tell me! 

Inside was a beautifully wrapped package & a card with detailed notes on how she made her piece -wow!

Isn't this just gorgeous!

 oh my! 
(details )
love the image & the stitching

My studio wall is getting deliciously filled up!
Jewels piece is top left.

This mini quilt is just so perfect! 
Thank you so much, jewels!
You have really done an incredible job.
There are a few more photos of both of our work in a set on my flickr account if you'd like to take a look. You'll find the 'art exchanges with Jewels' set inside my Fabric Art folder -EnJoY!! This was such a great thing to do and lucky me for receiving such a gorgeous piece of fabric art. I am looking forward to exchanging with Jewels again soon! You can visit her at her blog: : ) And there is now a wonderful post written by Jewels about our exchange, here. Enjoy, she is a wonderful writer!