Turquoise and Copper

I am beginning my fourth year of exchanging colour-combination themed ATCs with a small group of like-minded friends! The January combination for creating our ATCs was Copper and Turquoise. I didn't get mine done until the very end of the January and then it took the US Mail about 3 weeks to deliver them to everyone involved in the US, Canada and Scotland. we wait until they are all received to reveal them. I am finally catching up to share them with you! Click on any photo for more detail.

I painted my ATCs with Super Copper Lumiere' paint.
I also got a wild idea to paint on my xyron backing paper!

I used a Turquoise blue Textile paint -Both of these paints
had been on my table for my Altered Book Lessons.
I peeled the dried paint off and stuck it onto the painted cards.

I sprinkled on Powdered Pearls with a fluffy brush.
I added more pigment powder and sprayed with a sealer, outside.

I rubber stamped on top of the dried paint and added glitter! 

Copper German Scrap Border too.

more paint was added with my fingers! 

The finished ATCs -now have new homes!

I am working on my Emerald & Ruby for February right now (they're late!) and I'm also going to do my Coffee & Chocolate for March and send everything together this week!! thanks to my friends for their patience . . . .  sending love.