mail art project/swap

Me holding envelopes from Yvette Snowden and Laura Hummel!
At the end of last year I hosted a very large mail art swap with 50 participants - wow! That was fun. One of my participants from Australia, Sue Emmerson continued to correspond with me after the swap was over. She said to me, "I would love to continue with the mail art I've also put out a few feelers to see if anyone would be interested in a small bi-monthly mail art swap group. I'm also taking notice of who sends their note cards (for my Vintage Note card swap) in a mail art envelope so I'll get in touch with them too. It would be so exciting to get some interesting things in the post box instead of bills, and more bills! And it's just as exciting to send off mail art!" : ) A woman of my own thinking! Sue later asked me if I would like to join her mail art swap and I said yes! (I love mail art). Sue was doing the organizing and all I would need to do was to participate bi-monthly sending out 5 envelopes and receive luscious mail art in return about every 10 days! I think I could handle that!!

In March, I wrote about receiving mail art from Sue and also Linda Freeman, whoo whoo! You can find that post here if you missed it.
All of our mail art for March & April is based on the theme "Where I Live". This a great theme and a lovely way for us to get to know each other better. In April, I received mail art from Yvette Snowden and Laura Hummel, both of whom are from Maryland. It really brightened up my mailbox and made me ever-so-happy I was doing this. Thank you to Sue especially and also to Laura, Yvette, Linda and Joanna!

My April Mail ART!

What made me even happier was to get down and dirty with paint and ink and collage and my sewing machine and produce some Florida style Mail art envelope for these women! I am not going to share the whole project yet . . . I want to give them all a surprise, but I will give you a tease of what's to come!

hmmmm . . .. what fun!
I love mail art!
And I got the really friendly post office person when I mailed these, what a blessing. Theresa loves it when I bring in mail art to be posted (probably brightens her day) and was even calling over her co-workers to come check my envelopes out!

: ) more on my mail art after it is received!!
happy weekend. My sister & family are here and this is a great thing. Tomorrow, Kathy & I are going to a Zumba class together, and we both went to a Nia dance class with my mom on Friday! My dad is doing okay. Yesterday he was super tired (chemo) but today he went to the Cortez Traditional Small Craft Association Festival with my mom, my sister & my brother-in-law. They showed off my Dad's craftmanship by bringing the Melonseed Sailboat he built. My husband Steven was there too of course, with his wee lassie sailing canoe.
A good time was had by all. Hope you are doing well!
sending love, lenna