art journal every day in May -yay!

* art journal in progress *
I hope this project is still engaging you, dear readers, as much as it is engaging me! I am getting into a rhythm and enjoying it a lot. I'm not feeling overwhelmed, rather I'm feeling like want to do this. I look forward to it and I like thinking of what I might try next! I have learned that starting, but not necessarily finishing my work in the journal, is a good way *for me* to approach this. If you would like to see where this idea of daily art journaling comes from, visit this page on Julie Balzer's site: Art Journal Every Day. You can join in anytime! Yesterday, I got this far:
This morning, I was right back working in my art journal! 

I added watercolor crayons on top of the white paint on the right side, 
then brushed and spritzed with water.

Here's a detail below, click on any photo for a larger version.

I have a tin of brightly colored paper flowers: Prima Calypso. The watercolor shapes I drew as a background suggested using these flowers to me. I put a few different colors down on the page and played with the placement until I was happy, then glued the flowers down with Tacky glue, just in the center so they stayed fluffy.
The photo at the very top of the post shows the next step: a dab of glue 
in the center of each flower - with tiny micro beads poured on top. 

I dusted the beads off when the glue was dry and retrieved what I could . . .
Then stamped a Magenta pattern stamp on the top of the left page & embossed it.
Added a quote stamp (LennaLines).
 Decided to journal a bit about how I was feeling about this project!

all in a good days work! I am blessed.
Take care and thank you for visiting.
xo lenna