*art journal every day* May 4, 2011

On May 1st, I read about Julie Balzer's Art Journal Every Day. It sounded like a great idea to me so I jumped right in. I am going to shoot for working in an art journal a little bit every day for the month of May. So far, I am spending more than 10 mins or even 20 minutes . . .  I think today I spent about 45, and the other days probably more time! While I like really doing this, I am going to try to make myself cut back on the amount of time I am spending just so I can keep up! We'll see how that goes . . .
The finished spread:

I tried to be simpler today and use different things than the past few days. 
I started by spraying walnut ink and  Perfect Pearls Mists in 2 colours to create a background. 

I added my favorite Magenta stamp repeatedly around the edges with wet ink so I could sprinkle on embossing powder and emboss it. I do not have much of a plan, I am just looking for things to try.

 Below, the lines of the mesh stamp have been embossed with an embossing powder that sparkles.

On the left I added a quote that was one of my LennaLines quote stamps (2000-2003).
The dark black film was part of how the original stamps were made -click for detail.

The "violet scheme" is a Glidden paint card!
Another quote was added.

Reading about Julie's circle stamps had me thinking of circles . . . so I traced around some from rolls of masking tape in different sizes. I had paper flowers in a tube on my desk that my friend Frieda had remarked about when she saw a photo . . .   having her comment on my mind made me open the package up and see what I could do with them!
I added micro beads to the centers of the flowers  . . . 

and painted inside the circles using a brush with the Perfect Pearls mists!

Thanks very much for your visits and comments!