art journaling in Cedar Key!

I am back from our short trip to Cedar Key FL and of course trying to get caught up. Mostly with uploading photos from the boat meet to my flickr account -I only took about 300 photos!! There were lots of opportunities to take photos of boats, beautiful flowers, insects, more boats, people, quaint houses, the small town and more small boats of all kinds-you can find lots more photos here, if you are so inclined, all labeled "Cedar Key". I've had a lot of visits there already because our friend Dave Lucas sends a newsletter out to about 1000 "Boatnuts" and he has already sent along my links to the photos!

The weekend was really fun! I have not even gotten to my blipfoto journal yet and when I do, I will need to "back blip" to catch up with my daily photo journal. But I will, in due time, one step at a time. I continued my daily art journal while I was away and that was not hard to do at all. I probably only spent 1/2 hour each day, but found that was more than good enough. On Friday I worked on top of one of my prepared backgrounds, Saturday I did some journaling on 1/2 of a spread and when I got home on Sunday I printed a couple photos out and finished the spread.

This page spread was done on Friday, the 6th. I simply went through the papers I had stashed in my traveling kit and I used the gold glaze! A close up:

Remember, I had done the background the day before. That made doing this easy. Thanks for your comments on my traveling art kit, I am glad it helped. This time, I only used a few things from the kit and I was too busy with the boating and social activities to do any other art like ATCs. But my kit was not much to bring at all, it's quite small and it really helped me a lot with this project.

On Saturday, I simply journaled on top of the 1/2 page where the Dye-Na-Flow paint for the background had seeped through. When I picked up the journal and looked at the page, that is what I felt I should do. I just started writing about the weekend and where we were staying . . . and when Steven read it later he really liked what I said in closing: "This event takes me a little bit out of my world of art and into Steven's world of boats." It's true. And it was good!

When I got home on Sunday, I printed out 4 photos and then chose 2 to work with for the other 1/2 of the spread. The top, distressed photo of all the boats is a gel medium transfer. I had to give myself a little pep talk to do the transfer right in the journal . . . but I convinced myself that if it did not work out, I could fix it! It did work out and that was nice. Sometimes transfers just don't cooperate! The bottom photo is an actual photo from Saturday's boat meet printed on brochure paper and put right into the journal with gel medium, since I already had it out. I am sitting in the front of our sailboat Starfish taking the photo. Steve is talking to Helen Lucas, Dave's wife, and they are teasing each other about whose anchor is dragging and which sailboat is going faster! They made us feel really at home for our first time to this event (click on the photos for nice details).

Above: Full scan of Friday's art journal page.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I'll be back soon . . .