it's a start

I could not make time for my art journal yesterday and barely did today, but I did! I just started . . . only worked for maybe 15 minutes, but I am happy with what I did and look forward to returning to it tomorrow. I grabbed some paper that my friend Joy brought me when she came to visit last week and glued that on one side . . .
I added brown water color crayons around the edges.

For the other side, I re-used the wrapping Jewels Oman decorated
when she sent me her little books for the current swap! 
Again, I edged the page with watercolor crayon -above you see it, un-activated.
Jewels originally did mail art on brown paper and wrapped her box with it.
I saved the paper and thought it would be a great addition to my journal.
Thanks, Jewels!

We shall see what comes next, tomorrow! 
I always love having a page started to return to. 

If you have ever thought about joining one of my creative swaps, I have a poll up on the blog,
for you to vote for a variety of swap ideas. Let me know your preferences!
That would be great. ; ^ ) lenna