mail art, coming and going

I love mail art!
There is something about the unusualness of mail art that has always had me loving it. Recently, I've been both sending and receiving lots of mail art. What a treat! When my friend joy, from Connecticut was visiting she looked around my studio where lots of mail art is displayed and asked me, "Do you decorate your bills too, Lenna??" I thought for a minute and had to answer -yes, sometimes I do!!

Case in point: We had some landscaping done at our home on Tuesday. We bought this little house last September and the landscaping here really needed some help, more than we could do ourselves. We had bushes that were very "Northern" in style removed and instead put in a Foxtail palm tree, an orange Bird of Paradise, some Liriope, a few Croton, Purple Lantana, Dracenea, White Plumbago, Flax Lily, climbing Confederate Jasmine, a Bleeding Heart Vine and dwarf jasmime ground cover . . . wow does it look different! You can view many photos of the changes here -scroll through them quicker with the bar at the bottom if there are too many. So! I received the final bill today, and this is what I sent out:
I don't always rubber stamp my bills, but this one really called for it.
They did an excellent job from the planning to the install, and we are really pleased.
So happy, in fact!! The yard looks much better -Open, pretty, and Florida-like.

I think last week I sent this envelope below off to Germany.
Katharina and I "met" through iHanna's Postcard swap.

embossing over a background stamp

I have also received some wonderful Mail Art in my mailbox!
Today, Linda Freeman's beautiful Birds, Bees & Butterflies envelope greeted me -
and inside Linda included some handstamped tags for me!
Thank you! We are in a small exchange together that sends bi-monthly.

Sue Emmerson in Australia is the one organizing this bi-monthly exchange - 
below is her beauty on the same theme! Look at those postage stamps . ..

Inside Sue's gorgeous envelope was a Nature Journal!

Wow! Amazing, Thanks again, Sue. 

Lots of mail art is coming in with the books for the current Little Book Swap . . .
Donna Parker -Mexico
Val Tups - Germany
Leslie Sowden - California
JoAnn Reichert - Pennsylvania
Julie (Jewels) Oman - Michigan/Canada

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks, all! ; ^ ) lenna  - Now go decorate an envelope!!! xox