May 5 art journal

Well, I did it! I spent a lot less time on my every day in May Art Journal today! Now that may sound kind of odd to you, but there is a reason for it. When I started this new project a few days ago, it was a little bit overwhelming to add working in an art journal every day to all the other things I have put on my plate. You can read all about Art Journal Every Day on Julie Balzer's site ~ you can join anytime. It really is a cool thing to do and I saw it was giving me what I needed -more creative mixed media time. I did not want to get burned out getting exhausted by having too much to do, so I made myself just do a couple of quick backgrounds today = 20 minutes of arting time. It felt good. We are leaving tomorrow for a small craft (as in Boat!) meet-up in Cedar Key, FL. I did not want to be too stressed out with too much to do right before we left. So here's the deal for today ~ I just wanted to make one background and I made two in not very much time!

I used a foam brush to cover some of the page spread with both yellow & bright green Dye-Na-Flow. This paint is thin like a dye, although it truly is a paint, by Jacquard. 

Then I used a paint brush to splatter some bright pink Dye-Na-Flow on top.

I also painted the pink on with a brush . . . 

I dripped more yellow on top . .. .

. . . and found out later it seeped through to my previous spread.
I actually really liked this and thought it made the spread much better! 

The wet paint also seeped through to the spread on the next page!

I decided to leave that page as it was but add a coat of citrine Lumiere paint, also by Jacquard, 
to the facing page. I used a larger brush this time because I wanted the texture of the bristles.

My finished second spread background. I have added a bit of washi masking tape in pink and orange that were on my table and waiting to be used. Click for more details.

A scan of the first background spread -this took 10 minutes or less to complete.

Now I have 2 spreads that are started. The background is done and it will be easy to add more! It felt fine to me to stop there. I will take this with me this weekend and in between sailing to an Island and visiting with new friends I am sure there will be some down-time for me to add something and play creatively. I have already re-packed my little travel art kit That I have not used in so long. I will share what I did in my journal when I return. No computer on this trip, so that means no email for me and no approving comments, etc. Feel free to write in if you like and I will publish anything & catch up with you when I return on Sunday evening. 

To read all of the posts I have written about Art Journal Every day, please click here. The first post will be the latest one (this one, right now) and then the other ones will follow underneath. Have a great weekend! I am enjoying doing this, it is really good for me, and think everything will work out for me to continue. yay! 
; 0 ) lenna