my traveling art kit

I liked Donna's question in her comment yesterday . . .

"I'm interested in what you carry in your little traveling art kit. Perhaps you would share that with us at some point."

Well! I liked this idea, so I took a couple of photos last night and wanted to share them with you now before I leave! It keeps me happy if I can do even a little bit of something creative while traveling. There is always downtime where Steven wants to read and I feel antsy to do something! Art is probably like meditation for me. I've learned this is easy to set up and do, and keeps me creative. It is also a 'conversation starter' if you are on a plane or a train, etc... that is fun! This little kit I pack up is really small, only 9" wide x 10" tall, but it certainly seems to hold a lot. For me, mostly collage papers and some essentials.

It zips all the way around except for the bottom and lies flat when open and has pockets.

Here, I have pulled out some of the stuff I packed so you can see them better.

I always bring my watercolor crayons (the little stub pieces) a water brush, scissors, a glue stick, and a small bottle of tacky glue - you can see it on the left in the photo below. This time I put in a gold glaze (paint) + a sponge . . . just because and some pretty masking tape because it was new!

My art journal  is packed separately and that is where I will use these items. I have mostly bits of paper collected from many flat cardboard boxes of "collage stuff" that I work from. There were some things in the kit from before that I left in there. I removed other things and then I chose some new paper bits including some 'green' items as apple green and evergreen is this month's Colour Groupies color combo ATC theme. I made sure I had some blank ATCs and a couple of blank postcards. There are 2 pieces of scrapbook paper, folded lightly, also included. I ran a couple of images through my xyron so I would not even have to bother with glue for those and I found some words that had the xyron sticker backing on them already...

We'll see what happens! My husband is out now testing the trailer for our little sailboat, Starfish. It is a cute little cat ketch he rebuilt last year with my dad. Our first trip out in it last October is here -fun!! We'll be leaving soon and I will catch up with you in a few days! No computer, so there will be no comments posted until I return. Have a great weekend....

:^ ) lenna