start and stop

My new mantra: Start and Stop! This is working for me. Of course I am tempted to do more, but I make myself stop now before I get in too deep. This allows me to not spend so much time doing my art journal that I end up not having time for anything else!!

Another BLANK page, hmmm. What to do?
I gathered up stuff that might be fun to work with.

I decided I wanted to work with fabric. I have not done that yet in this journal.
I laid out some pieces I found to see what I might like.

I decided on my fabrics and used my sewing machine to stitch them together. The lace was 
"dyed" years ago. I used spray bottles of watered down paint to dye the white lace.

* details - click for details! *

For the other side of the spread I took a map Steven had printed out. For some reason 
we had an extra copy -I nabbed it. He printed it out so he could see the channels - 
the boating channels when paddling or sailing around here. The water is very shallow. 
It is on xyron backing paper as I sent it through my xyron to make a big sticker. 

Above, adhering the map to the page.

On the right I used distress stain in weathered wood to fill in the edges of the page. 
My fabric piece I had been working on for that side was not quite the same size
as the page. Now it will blend in better.

A transparency photo of me is on the left and the bank white space 
is awaiting my fabric piece.

me and my sister . . . I am not sure of the year, maybe 1967??
I adore this photo because we are both dressed up in pink, and my sister Kathy 
is smiling and giggling with her hand over her face looking so cute.
A lot of the photos we have of her as a child she is making faces, looking silly,
not pretty like this. And I look like such a big sister here, I just love it! 

It is not glued into my journal yet because I am not sure what I might add.
So I am going to wait until tomorrow, stop and start again!
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xoxo lenna