watercolor crayons, paint & an art journal

I used 2 of my favorite tools to make a background in my art journal today. When I thought about creating my next page and what I would do, I thought to myself: I want to play and draw, makes shapes with my watercolor crayons and see what happens. In fact, I threw my journal and a tin of crayons in my bag when we left to take Decklin & Tina to the airport! It was definitely not a bad idea. After we dropped them off I took my journal out and started working while Steven was driving. Don't worry, I would not do this if I was driving!! Of course, I had my camera with me so I took some photos too.

It felt very much meditation to draw like that in my journal . . . when I got home I finished filling one page with the watercolor crayons and then used a waterbrush to wet the crayon and activate the colors.

Above, wet with a water brush, below -spritzed with a water bottle!

I dried that with a heat gun and got out my tube of white acrylic paint- squeeze!
First I glued the tab down (from removing pages)

Then I painted the right side with white paint and added a bit on top of the watercolor crayons. 
We shall see what tomorrow brings and what I will add!
I hope you are having a fine day, squeeze something creative in! : ^ ) lenna