weight loss

I mentioned working on weight loss in an earlier post, and while I have some hesitation in sharing these photos with you  . . . I have decided to go ahead and do it. I am very proud of having lost 12 pounds so far, since February! Its been about 9 weeks since I changed the way I ate, as in eating less. With my Doctor's advice, I counted my calories. Now I have a very good sense of how quickly it all adds up. I must add that I don't pay strict attention to calories anymore, meaning I don't write them down these days. But now I know what is good for me to eat (lots of veggies, less bread & fats) and how much (smaller portions). I still eat basically what I ate before, so I don't feel like I am depriving myself of much. I also exercise 4 or 5 times a week generally. It helps!

Me before: Taken in late January, 2011
I was mostly happy, but overweight.
My cholesterol levels were also far too high - dangerously.
April 29th, 2011. I'm on the way to Nia dance class.
I started exercising on a regular basis last year, but my weight did not budge one bit until I changed how I ate. I was getting depressed about it and I did not like how being overweight made me feel about myself. Plus it was unhealthy for me. I talked to my Doctor about what I could do about this. I came armed to the appointment with a week's worth of what I ate written down in a notebook. I did not hold back that week and ate normally, but wrote down what I ate everyday. I will never forget what Dr. Pursar said to me at that appointment in February. "Lenna, this is a very healthy diet, but I can see right away you are eating far too many calories!!" Well, that was it! We developed a strategy of counting calories & some ideas on what to eat. When I started doing it, I discovered right away how I had been eating way too much. And so this journey began . . .

Last October my Dr. had put me on medication for my high cholesterol levels as they had been continuing to creep upwards for a couple of years. The extremely good news is that now, my very high Triglyceride levels (275) have already gone down to 102!! Wow. I am so happy! The medicine is not something I will need to take forever, and especially with my weight down a bit more, I should be able to stop taking it.

I am grateful and happy and plan to lose another 15-20 lbs. I wanted to document this journey and I will come back in a couple of months to update you. My next appointment with Dr. Pursar is in July and I cannot wait for her to see the numbers on the scale!! We will probably talk about discontinuing the high cholesterol medicine at that time and I can thank her for giving me the guidance I needed to feel better, look better and be healthier! I'm wondering if you you have a similar story??? Stay well. I will be back soon with some art journaling I just did!