art journaling down the line

Well, I am keeping up pretty well working in my art journal and I plan to keep doing it. This spread was done mostly on the 15th and the 16th of june so I think I did not do anything on the 14th, but hey! That is okay. I am certainly doing a lot more mixed media art than I was doing before May 1st. And, it is really art for myself, not for an exchange or a submission, or to be given away. I am quite happy about that.

For this spread I tried a Tim Holtz stencil mask I got at Michael's a few months ago. I had never used one of these before. They are sticky, and when you peel the stencil mask off its backing, it will stick temporarily to your work surface. I grabbed my ColorBox chalk inks, well -just because I like the colors and I had not used them in a while. The whole driving force behind starting this spread was, "what can I do different in my art journal that I have not done yet?"

 Above, the stencil mask is pressed down into my journal. 

Below, I am applying ink around it.
If you don't have ink pads like this you can use a sponge . . .
tap it into your ink pad and then onto your paper.

Now I have peeled the mask off the right side, turned it around and placed it on the left.

I added a definition rubber stamp that was on my desk.

and another one that did not print so well.

 I stamped the image again on patterned vellum paper . . . I will use the one on the right.
I almost forgot to say, my students know this as "a creative recovery!"

 The velum image is in the journal now, attached over the poorly stamped flower. Much better! Then I added charcoal pencil lines . . . that was fun. Steven liked that the best.

And journaling, with a bit of yellow ink!

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: ^  ) lenna