ArtJournalEveryDay: June 4+5

ArtJournalEveryDay: June 4+5 by creativelenna
ArtJournalEveryDay: June 4+5, a photo by creativelenna on Flickr. 
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A Tip-in page/photo -is one thing that I added to my art journal when I got home from my Garden Inspired writing workshop held at Selby Gardens in Sarasota, FL. I downloaded my photos and found the one that was the same scene I drew at Selby gardens. I printed it out onto a 4" x 6" glossy photo paper. Then I ran a nice line of Tacky glue down the middle of my journal where I wanted the photo to be tipped in, and pressed the edge of the photo firmly in the middle so there was a little bit of glue on both sides. I used my bottle of Dye-Na-Flow to prop the photo up for good positioning. I left it to dry that way overnight and thought I might have to add a bit of tape for reinforcement when it was dry, but I did not. It seems very firmly positioned in my art journal!

I really had a wonderful time taking advantage of this workshop at Selby Gardens. It worked for me on many levels. First, I drove to Sarasota by myself. It is not that far from us in Bradenton, maybe 35 minutes but I have avoided going there by myself because it is even more "city driving" than where I live! Usually, I would tend to let my husband do any of this trickier, busy, city driving. But I wanted to go and I was ready to try it on my own and it really was not bad! I have bought a membership to Selby Gardens which means free admission, so you know I will be returning! This in itself was empowering to me. It takes a while sometimes when you move somewhere new to get used to your surroundings. This was a good step for me.

The workshop itself was great! There were 11 women in the class and 2 instructors, so the room was full of both people and energy. There were 3 writing exercises, discussion, sharing, observation and meditation -yes! I learned a simple breathing exercise that I was comfortable with because it is much like the breathing I do with some of my exercises . . . . filling up the lungs and the abdomen and then letting it all go. We were doing this to slow down and observe - and then write. I found it so helpful simply for calming purposes. I have already used it a number of times since. My instructor Gail, who is also my Nia dance teacher, told us if we could come away with one thing from the workshop we would be doing well. That was definitely my one thing.

Let me show you what I did in my art journal while there -click on any photo for details:
The photo was not there, it was in my camera at the time  . . . . .
I did the drawing and the writing (in black) at Selby Gardens.
I did the drawing in watercolor crayons but adding some of these pastel 
crayons to the mix later when I was home.
I added a bright green Dye-Na-Flow to the page with a sponge, today.
The gardens themselves are really beautiful and I saw a good part of them. Our workshop was held inside the mansion where the Selby's once lived; they donated their property to the community when they passed away. While I was there a special juried photography exhibit was being shown on the bottom floor of the Selby mansion (we were upstairs). It was spectacular! Directly in front of the mansion there was a butterfly garden. I have visited butterfly gardens before but I think this one was truly magical. I have never seen so many butterflies flying about and they did not seem to just be flying! They were floating on the breeze. I could watch them rise and fall and then dance around, 3 or 4 of them like a choreographed modern dance. I was quite mesmerized by this butterfly garden and spent most of one of our observation periods there.

I have photos of the gardens, the mansion, the fig & banyan trees, the koi and a few more of my art journal uploaded to this set on my flickr account. Once there, you can click on the slideshow link top right for larger photos that move along by themselves, or click on individual one in the grid. Oh! I met the woman sitting next to me during  the writing workshop. Her name is Suzi and she lives on Anna Maria Island where I take Nia dance classes. When she saw my art journal sitting on the table, even just closed -she was enthralled. I encouraged her to look at it. She did- she took my card -has visited the blog and wrote me an email to say she needs to take a day off to look at everything, but in the meantime please come visit her on the island!!!
: ^ )) lenna