happy mail art and a peek

It is rare for me to create mail art using only my watercolor crayons, but that's what happened! Typically I will rubber stamp, collage with papers, maybe add some paint or do nature stamping and use my watercolor crayons! : ^ ) But this envelope to Lisa for the Garden Postcard Tag swap seemed just right as it was. Here's a close up-click for details:
And the full envelope.
I am enjoying my new tin of watercolor crayons immensely!

I've also been working in my art journal today. It's not finished, but I will share a peek into it; part of the background I've done. After writing a post about Mary Green's Your Vintage Gluebook online class the other day (it's on sale!!) I started thinking about Mary's wonderful Gluebook style again. I had a prompt - a lesson, from Mary's Green Paper Collage Club on building paper backgrounds for collage that I hadn't done yet. It was similar but different from a blended paper background lesson I did with Mary in Your Vintage Gluebook and I wanted to try it. So I got out some of the papers Mary had provided as part of these lessons, along with some of my own papers and got started. Here's what happened . . .

What fun and I've only just begun as this will be the background!!  ;  ^   ) lenna

p.s. The Little Book swap is really heating up with lots of fantastic small/wee/little/tiny books! Take a walk over to my creative swaps blog if you would like some eye-candy. It's yummy and non-fattening!