june 19 still squeezing it in

Yup. I missed a day, but since I'm busy finishing up a large creative swap right now I think that's okay. I really wanted to work in my journal tonight and so I just dove right in. This was more of an exercise for me, than anything else! Click for detail.

Here is how I got there . . . .
I started with a piece of dyed paper toweling that swap participant Rena Matus sent to me with her little books. I was really taken by it and wanted to use it in my art journal.

 I used my xyron to adhere it to the pages, not being totally sure if it would work
 . . . but it did!

I started by using things that were accumulating on my desk from the swap. I had postage stamps from Ati Ham-Sas in Norway, and also Angelika Westerman in Germany. Too pretty to leave on the envelopes! I also had a ticket from our train ride last week. I used a star from Sue Emmerson's package on part of the ticket that turned out to be sensitive to the heat of my heat gun! The stamped blue paper on the left was a test paper for my own swaps.  
The beautiful feather below was a gift from swap participant Laura Hummel, the diamond paper napkin on the right from Nancy Roberts, the Elvis stamp from Marilou Bain, and the Australian bird post from Sue Emmerson -all participants in my swap. 
The striped tape in the middle is from Cute Tape and the script rubber stamps are from Christine Mason Miller! The bird transparencies are ones I printed myself, but the images are from Vintage Image Madness. phew!

This spread seems to me to be a celebration of the very large little book swap I'm hosting and I think it is great that I will have this in my journal and be able to look back at it on a later date when the swap is a distant memory! {Click on the ART Journal Every day button in the sidebar for more info}
: ^ )  lenna