a red spread

I rarely use red so predominately, but it just seemed to fit. This is my work in my art journal, June 10-13. It is taking me longer these days to complete spreads mostly because of a little book swap I am running on my creative swaps blog. The little book swap is a large swap with 60 registered and probably 55 completing, sending 2-4 books! I upload all the swap submissions on the blog, so my work is focused on that right now, understandably. I am trying to spend even a few minutes in my art journal daily so I keep in that groove. I guess I wish I was doing more, but it is what it is -- and I am happy to be doing what I am doing!!! With out further ado, a little run-though of my latest spread. Thanks as always for your interest. Click on any photo for details!!

I started with a red-swirl tissue paper, using glue stick to attach it to the page. I left some of the edges ripped instead of cut and hanging off the page on the left.

 A view from the side . . . . 
 What it looks like sticking out from the previous page . . .

 Then I added 3 photos from Saturday (our anniversary) and a transparency print of a vintage postcard on the bottom right. The woman had a beautiful bouquet of flowers next to her and that is what caused me to choose this postcard. Steven surprised me with flowers on our anniversary . . . this is not a common thing for him to do! The photo of flowers above her head is one I took of what he brought me -just beautiful.
The transparency of the woman is layered on a paint sample; shades of pink with titles like: Pillow Talk, Pinky, Fantasy Flight and Temptation. Who thinks up these paint names?? The feather below the woman is one that Steven found and gave to me. It is probably the 4th feather I have put in this art journal alone! 
I added rubber stamping and traced the lines of the swirls with my black pen. I added journaling too. The photo top left is one I tweaked in Photoshop elements before I even decided to use the red tissue paper - odd, huh? The photo below it is the actual train that pulled the cars -we took a train ride on Saturday! I hope to be back with that story, it was fun. That photo was also tweaked in Photoshop. 
Thanks for following this journey! Art Journal Every day -more info here!   ; ^ ) lenna