art journal every day

yup, I am still doing this project! I may not post about it every day, but I am trying to squeeze at least something creative in every day. Like the other night before going to bed I remembered I had not done anything in my art journal, yet. I said to myself, Well, I could certainly take 5 minutes or so and slosh some paint around on that blank spread of pages. That is exactly what I did and it felt good.

I cannot seem to give up that watered down halo pink gold Lumiere in a spray bottle that I made up (on the right page) because I continue to use it. I just love the mix of the pink and the gold. So I guess I will keep on using it until I get tired of it! On the left side is yellow dye-na-flow . . . well, some yellow migrated over to the right. It is only there on the left page because I spilled some on this side of it while working on the other side of the page. That is truly what made my decision for this page. But I like it. After I did this - a quick 5 or 10 minutes, I left it to dry while I slept. Contrary to popular opinion, I do sleep!!

Here is what it looked like the next morning (yesterday) -you can click for more details. I like the way the gold from the watered down lumiere paint concentrated in a line at the top of the right page. Do you see above where it is wet and liquidy and pink? Below is how it dried! I have removed the masks from my windows that I added in the previous spread.

I decided to add fabric to this page, just to try something different. I had a small amount of sheer patterned fabric on my table that I had been wanting to use for something. 
Below, you'll see the fabric at the top of the spread before I pulled it over the pages. I have already sewed on a piece of dyed cheesecloth that would extend out over the edge of the page, click for details.

I sewed the fabric to the edge of the journal page on both sides with my machine.
I use an old needle designated for paper.

Below, both edges are sewn and the fabric is loose in the middle, 
covering both the windows and the spiral binding.

The view from the previous page . . . I love when things stick out of journals!

I have left myself the ability to add things to the pages underneath at this point.

So, I snuck in an extra copy of the photo I used to create Linda's 4x4 . . .
A lovely memory of the day when I took that photo and then using it to create a piece for her. You will be able to faintly see the bird through the fabric.

I added some old music text  . . . 

so far, so good . . . 

The photo below shows how I am going to attach the fabric to the page with a line of Tacky glue. It will still be loose on the page, but anchored. It also shows the bird page text I received from Joanna! I love what she sent in a mail art exchange package and it has been very inspirational and useful ; ^ )

I also embellished the edge of the page on the right, adding fibers and ribbons, gold mesh, iridescent glass balls, and pieces of jingle shells picked up on the beach the same day as the bird photo. The fibers were all attached with tacky glue and E6000 was used for the shell pieces.

A final scan. I would say that this is a strange and unusual spread of pages, but one that challenged and satisfied me in the making of it. I don't think art always has to be pretty!

And, if you can believe it, because I am crazy with taking in-process photos, I have more even more steps for this spread that I have uploaded to my flickr photo account. If you start HERE with this photo and use the Next button at the top, you can view them all large and go through them quickly or slowly . . . whatever you like!
Thanks for your interest and support. : ^ ) lenna

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