art journal 'one' is done! some thoughts. .

(I have added some notes to the end of this post and republished it).

my last spread in this journal
I used stencils from Crafter's Workshop available here. 
Click on any photo for more details.
The cover looked plain like this, above . . . 
Until I covered it with various tissue tapes! 
This moleskine journal is really bursting with art.

There are more photos of the entire journal here
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In a comment, Lianne said to me, Congratulations on finishing. How does it feel?

Hmmm, I had not really thought about that until Lianne asked! 
I feel mostly proud. I am proud and happy that I was able to recognize a problem (not doing enough art for myself) see a solution, commit to it, and then follow through and actually do it! I did have a few lapses (a day or two here and there, and once - 5 whole days) but because I kept on my path and finished this project I feel that I achieved my goal. On the outside it was to do a little bit of art in a journal every day, and on the inside it was to do more art just for me. How I felt while I was working in this art journal is even more important to me. It got me to use my creative thinking skills a lot more again and have some fun!!! I was held more accountable to do this and follow through because I also committed to sharing it here on my art blog. That is how this blog started in the very beginning on 2007 -as a vehicle to share my art process. It is the teacher in me that wants to do this and makes it complete for me.

So, thank you for asking Lianne. I feel happy and proud and recharged to try to continue this project. I think it is a good experience for me and now I have a book of my own collage and painting and mixed media that reflects my life, during May and June 2011. I love looking back at the pages already! You can find all the photos of my journal in sets by month, here in my collage and mixed media folder. And I have said it before, but I will say it again -- huuge thanks to Julie Fei-Fan Balzer for ART JOURNAL EVERY DAY! That is what gave me the inspiration and structure to do this!!