cherry and aqua ATCs

For June, the theme for the Color Groupies ATCs was cherry and aqua. I think sometimes I just like to experiment and see what I can come up with! Below is a pictorial lo-down on how I made these ATCs.

I started with a transparency print of a photo of flowers I had taken, printed 6 times.

I also grabbed playing cards that were actually Tarot cards with aqua and cherry colors.

 I rubbed aqua paint onto the back of a transparency sheet that was mostly filled with cherry colored flowers. 

Next, I decided to sprinkle blue stardust glitter on top of the wet aqua paint.

When the paint was dry, I ran the cards through my xyron right side up and placed one side of the cards against the painted and stardust glittered transparency.

I cut the cards out individually, added a little of the aqua paint to the card side of them and decided to rubber stamp them with a Magenta pattern stamp. 

Remember the painted transparency? Below is what the ATCs looked like from the other side.
The pattern on the back of the card is showing through.

The finished backs   . . . . 

The finished fronts . . . 
Yes, they are unusual. But this challenge has allowed me to play with a new colour combination in a different way. I am very grateful that my Colour Groupies 'mates' support and encourage me to go in whatever direction I like when exploring and creating for them. Hooray! It's a good thing.  ; ^ ) lenna