drawing and pencils

{ art journal july 20 }

All of a sudden yesterday, I had a desire to go draw in my journal. I didn't know why at the time, but thinking back it is probably because I was writing so freely in my art journal the day before. I took the same black Sharpie marker and started with the spiral above. Like the writing I did, but this time drawing abstract lines. I did not have a plan, I did not know what I was doing, I just wanted to draw, to doodle even. It felt a bit like the Zentangle art form I learned last year, except I was doing my own thing and not following any patterns at all. It had the same effect though, of being meditative. I just kept making lines until the page was filled and it looked like this:

When I looked at what I had done, I thought to myself that watercolor crayons might not be the best tool for adding color this time, even if they are one of my favorite ways to do so! I thought about Lianne and how she commented that she used watercolor pencils all the time. I have a set that is not as well used as my crayons, but I thought they might be just the ticket. I think my choice was correct. Below, my drawing is colored in randomly and completely but I have not added any water to the pencil color I had laid down yet.

I grabbed my Niji watercolor brush, filled the barrel with water and started activating the color. I love how this makes the color pop when you do that! The pencil is a little more subtle than the crayon I think -you can compare it by looking at the post following this one. But the pencils were just what my abstract drawing needed, just the right amount of color -- and, I could easily get into small spaces.

My husband came into my studio while I was doing this, saw this page for the first time and said, "Wow! that is so cool. It reminds me of . . .  Max . . . Peter Max!"  Well, that was certainly a compliment! Then Steven grabbed my camera off the table and started taking photographs, I thought I would share some of me working (playing).

Look, Joy! I am wearing my Stonewall Kitchen T-shirt!!
(Joy is the assistant manager in Avon, CT - I used to work there)

(new hair cut!)

I cleaned up my table pretty recently, so it's not that bad.

some close-ups, the whole page . .. 

One of my favorite sections is below. See how the watercolor pencils are a little different from the crayons?

what will you do in your journal today? Have you started one? Are you on a roll? 
I really liked drawing, writing and playing with my different watercolor media instead of doing collage, just as a change of pace, as something different, something that was challenging for me. I wonder what I will do on the other side of the spread??? Hmmmm . .. I'll be thinking about it now!
Have some fun, whatever you do ; ^ ) lenna 

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