'I am' journal page

{ art journal July 17 }

My friend Frieda really gave me this idea for my journal page above . . . when discussing in email the ATCs she made for my August swap, she told me, "I wrote a whole foolscap page filled with I am ideas and I'm sure I will be referring back to that in times to come." That got me to thinking . . .  I had been entertaining a few ideas in my head -- "I am" statements I was brainstorming for doing the swap ATCs myself, but I had not written anything down yet. The idea of writing the ideas down stayed with me, because that is exactly what I did in my journal today! I started by painting the page with a watered down mixture of halo pink gold Lumiere, the same paint I have sprayed and sloshed on previous pages. It is in a spray bottle which has stopped working, so I take a brush, dribble or whatever means I can find to get the paint out and on the page!

I started like this and then added a little more paint. The gold you see is part of the Lumiere paint. I was pretty messy and even got some of this paint on previous pages . . . but I think this is okay. The watercolor paper in this journal is fantastic for this.

Then I started writing. And writing!
It was not too hard to come up with numerous ways to describe how I am.

I will choose a few of these that I like the best and feel I can illustrate to create my ATCs.
This was an extremely different kind of art journal page for me -never before attempted!! 
Thanks for accompanying me on this journey. 
I just found out that Frieda has been inspired by me to start an art journal too!
wow. You can read about it here!!
: ^ ) lenna