july 3: family

I have been lucky to have been able to spend time with my family this weekend. My sister is visiting from CT with her family, minus one son who is working at the CT summer camp Kathy & attended, and our dad worked as a counselor at. ; ^ ) Everyone came over to our house for dinner last night, yum! Then Kathy & her husband cooked dinner at my mom and dad's tonight. Very nice to be together. We take them to the airport tomorrow morning.

I think family was on my mind today when I started another spread in my art journal.
I began with laying various papers down, one of my favorite ways to start.
The image on the bottom left is the front of a card I got from Rena Matus.
She sent it in with her little books for the swap and I just had to use it!
The photo I had printed out in consideration for another project, still on my table.
It is a photo of my mom, me at age 15, my dad and his mom -my "Nonie".
she always called me lenna-pie ;  ^ ) click on any photo for details.
I decided to add printed tissue paper with swirls and handmade paper 
with embedded leaves over my background papers. I used matte 
gel medium for this, brushing some on the journal page, laying the papers 
down, then brushing medium over the top of the papers.
Left side below. . .  background papers with thin papers over top.
- and the beautiful card, thank you Rena! 
I did not plan to finish the whole spread  today, but I did . . . 
It needed something more, so I added rubber stamping. 
My family definitely gave me wings and encouraged me to FLY!
After that, all I added was a little gold pigment powder which stuck to the 
still not quite dry matte medium . . .
another close up -
a scan of the entire spread
I have 2 spreads left in this journal! It is so stuffed I can't wait to go into
a new art journal. This time I am going to try a wire bound one!